The complementary training

During the time of the thesis, each PhD student should follow about a hundred hours of training. This training is split in three branches:

  • Cross-disciplinary modules
  • Third cycle teaching modules
  • Professional integration modules


Objectives of the training modules

  • To expand the scientific culture of the PhD student to other domains outside its thesis subject
  • For the PhD student to acquire complementary techniques
  • To help the PhD student for its future integration in its professional life.


Thus, those modules should not have a direct link with the student course or its thesis subject. In particular, participation to congress, otherwise greatly encouraged by the Doctoral School, cannot be validated as a module.

A regularly followed module by the student during its Master’s degree cannot be validated as a module in this complementary training.

The Doctoral School management greatly encouraged PhD students to follow different trainings than those offered when those trainings are aligned with a precise professional project.

For some paid trainings, aligned with the professional project of the PhD student, the Doctoral School board can offer a financing to the PhD student (prior Doctoral School consent needed).


Validation of the training modules

The organizer of each module needs to provide the Doctoral School coordinator the list of all PhD students which have indeed participated in the modules.

The validation of a hundred hours (spilt quite equally between the three branches of modules - Cross-disciplinary modules, third cycle teaching modules and professional integration modules) is necessary to defend one’s thesis.

Equivalence of one or two modules can be given by the Doctoral School, on a case by case basis with supporting documents, for particular training.

The validation of the University Degree “Animal Experimentation” can be take in charge by the Doctoral School: it gives the equivalence for two out of the five modules required, up to 12 students a year (waiting list).

If you are interested, send a motivated email to, telling precisely your request. If the Doctoral School agrees, the way forward will be indicated to register for this university degree. If this process is not followed, the Doctoral School, won’t be able to finance this module.

The participation to the Doctoriales gives the equivalence to two modules.