The committee of the Doctoral School MTCI

The committee of the Doctoral School suggested is mad up with 26 teams divided up like followed:

The director

Laurent MICOUIN, Research Director CNRS , University Paris Descartes

The co-director

Armelle BAEZA, Professor ,University Paris Diderot

Frédéric CHAUBET, Professor, University Paris 13

The director of coordination

Marie-Christine LALLEMAND, Professor, University Paris Descartes

The representatives of the research teams of the Doctoral School

Nicolas LEULLIOT, Prof. University Paris Descartes
Marie-Agnès SARI, Prof. University Paris DescarteArmelle Baeza, Prof.  University Paris Diderot
Frédéric SCHMIDT, Research Director, Institute Curie (PSL)
Didier LETOURNEUR, Research Director,CNRS University Paris 13
Michel VIDAL, Prof.  University Paris Descartes
Frédéric CHARBONNIER, Prof. University Paris Descartes
Jean-Marie DUPRET, Prof. University Paris Diderot
Christel BARBAUD, Prof. Université Paris 13
Annick MEJEAN, Prof. Université Paris Diderot

2 staff representative ITA

Elisabeth HOMBRADOS,Manager, Representative ITA
Sylvie BORTOLI, research engineer, Inserm Paris Descartes ITA

Doctoral School’s outsiders

6 external personalities

Emmanuel PAUTHE, Prof. University, Cergy-Pontoise
Ludovic JULLIEN, Prof ENS Paris
Sandrine ONGERI, Prof. University Paris Sud
Dominique LESUISSE, Sanofi
Jean-François MOUSCADET, Bio-Rad 
Valérie GIRARD, Servier


Mission of the the committee of the Doctoral School
The committee of the Doctoral School gathers at least three times a year under the responsibility of the Director of the Doctoral School.