Organization of the Doctoral School MTCI

The Doctorals Schools are governed by the decree of 25th May 2016 relative to the doctoral study and by the decree of 29th august 2016 relative to the PhD Students employed by Universities.

Headmistress for the University Paris Descartes:Prof.Marie-Christine LALLEMAND

 Co-Headmistress for the University Paris Diderot: Prof. Armelle BAEZA
Headmistress of coordination: Prof. Marie-Agnès SARI


Institut de Formation Doctorale 
Bureau D.04
12 rue de l’École de Médecine
75006 Paris

Contacts: Marie-Christine LALLEMAND

Secretary: Elisabeth HOMBRADOS
 Phone: +33 (0) 1 76 53 01 19


Representative of the PhD student of the Doctoral School MTCI:

  • Béatrice BIGEL
  • Domenico D'AMICO
  • Alexander DEMOOR
  • Stéphane DUFLOCQ
  • Diana ROMAN