Registration Formalities

To apply for PhD studies, the future PhD student needs, in the months prior to registration, to:

  • Contact the research unit or the doctorate research teams of the Doctoral School MTCI
  • Obtain the agreement from the thesis director, which necessarily needs to belong to the Doctoral School
  • Find a financing during the whole length of the thesis, with the help of the thesis Director and of the Branch Director


The registration in first year of doctoral studies consists in two steps:

Pedagogic Registration
The candidates can get the registration pedagogic file at the secretary of the Doctoral School, only if they have obtained:

  • The agreement from the thesis director and from the branch director to complete their thesis
  • The financing for the whole length of the thesis
  • A favourable opinion from the Doctoral School jury


No consent to administratively register will be delivered by the Director of the Doctoral School then by the President of the University (Paris Descartes, Paris Diderot or Paris 13) without a favourable opinion from the Doctoral School jury. This jury, which is partially constituted by members from the Doctoral School board and by external experts, auditions all the students in order to evaluate the candidate and its project.

Administrative Registration

  • University Paris Descartes (Institute of the Doctoral Studies)
  • University Paris Diderot
  • University Paris 13