First Registration

To apply to the Doctoral School (Ecole Doctorale, ED) MTCI and first register, candidates are asked :

  • To have a Research or Professional Master’s degree or to have requested the Director of the Doctoral School to grant equivalence and got the agreement from the President of the University.
  • To have the agreement of the thesis supervisor, which belongs to a research team  that welcome PhD students from the Doctoral School to prepare their thesis.
  • To have a financial support for the duration of the thesis (3 years)
  • To follow, during the time of the thesis, an appropriate complementary education in the form of 5 credits, to anticipate professional integration.
  • Read, sign and commit to respect the European Charter for Researchers and the USPC Doctoral Charter .
  •  Set up a  training agreement ; ( explanatory leaflet)


The decree of 23 April 2009, published in the Official Journal (OJ) of 25 April 2009, governs now the status of the contract PhD students of the higher education and research institutions (does not apply to employees).


How to obtain an exemption for the second year of a Master Degree?

Generally, to be eligible for admission into a PhD program, an applicant must first hold a Master's Research degree or its equivalent.

The president of the University can give an approval where candidates do no meet this requirement, on the proposal of the doctoral school director, in the following cases :

  - The recognition is assured for the european degree certificates equivalent to the Master's Research degree

For candidates who do not meet the requirements above, they will have to justify a 5 years study on higher Education

  - Provide evidence of  research experience :

  • Either by a published work in international peer-reviewed journals and a letter from the laboratory director stating his (her) contribution as a research student.
  • Either by a training experience equivalent to the Master's Research in the field of the research resulting in a research dissertation


Any way, the candidate is expected to have obtained first of all an agreement from the supervisor, a member of a doctoral research host team