Practical Information

1: Contact the Thesis Director and the responsible of the Doctorates Research Team
The subjects of the thesis offered by each team are published on the Doctoral School website during March.

2: Register to compete for the doctoral grants
With the agreement of the thesis director, of the responsible of the Doctorates Research Team and of the affiliated research branch’s director, the candidates can drop off a registration form to the secretary of the Doctoral School during april within the terms defined each year.

If the registration is applicable, the candidate receives by email with acknowledgement of receipt, its notification for the audition.

3: Proceedings of the audition

Preselection of the candidates
A preselection is completed if the number of candidates is higher than the one set. The preselection is performed by a jury constituted of members of the doctoral school board based on the forms received from the candidates.

The contracts are allocated at the end of the auditions organized in june by the managing team of the Doctoral School to the students that have applied for the audition for the doctoral contract.

After the candidates’ audition about their curriculum and their project of research, the candidates to the grant are classified by the jury of the Doctoral School composed by the members of the scientific comity of the doctoral school and by external persons recognize for their expertise in different fields.

4: Results of the audition
The results of the ranking are published on the website of the Doctoral School.