Doctoral Contract

To be eligible for the grant to obtain a doctoral contract ED MTCI is needed the following requirement:

  • To have obtained a Research Master’s Degree (or an exemption) or to be registered in a Master’s program the year of the grant subject to the obtention of the diploma.


The attribution of the doctoral contracts takes place as follows:

  1. During the call for projects for the attribution of the doctoral contracts, the research teams can offer one or more thesis projects depending on the size of the team and depending on the modalities defined by the Doctoral School’s director, after the opinion of the board of the Doctoral School.
  2. The thesis project is published on the Doctoral School’s website in march unless otherwise.
  3. The interested candidate may contact the thesis Director, request its consent, but also the one from the research team’s director and the one from the research unit director attached to be able to apply.
  4. The candidate should provide an application by postal mail and by email according to the method indicated on the website and defined each year.
  5. If the application is admissible, the candidate will receive by email a notification for the audition, which takes place in june
  6. The results are published on the Doctoral School website.


There is no age restriction to apply for a doctoral contract.
A candidate to a doctoral contract can only compete once at the Doctoral School MTCI.