Thesis and post-doc offers

Find below the list of theThesis and post-doc offers;

Thesis offer ; 3 years funding, beginning 1st of December 2019, Involvement of the myeloid lineage in SCD pathophysiology

Thesis offer  ; Chemical tools to identify the Lysosomal Oligosaccharide Transporter (LOST)

Thesis offer  ; Leishmania cure and immune response associated

Thesis offer  ; X-linked Hypophosphatemia pathobiology: Local effect of PHEX deficiency in the mineralization process of the extracellular matrix


Post-doc offer ; Post-Doctoral position offer in Developmental Neurobiology

Post-doc offer ; The « Plague and Yersinia pestis» team is seeking a highly motivated post-doctoral fellow interesting in the understanding of the transmission of plague by fleas.

Post-doc offer;  Postdoctoral position available to study the pathophysiology of glomerular diseases and kidnay fibrosis

Post-doc offer  ; Two years post doctoral position in virology and cellular biology in the context of an ATIP AVENIR INSERM contract within U1173

Post-doc offer  ; 3-year postdoc position available on innate immunity and viruses, Interferon and Antiviral Restriction Lab

Post-doc offer  ; Identification of key regulators of a gene network associated to epilepsies

Post-doc offer  ; Demonstrate the importance of energetic homeostasis in acute kidney injury and to test a therapeutic strategy to improve the outcome of acute kidney injury.

Post-doc offer  ; Post-Doctoral position on pathophysiology of Amelogenesis Imperfecta due to Claudin Tight Junction protein disruption

Post-doc offer  ; Post-Doctoral position on PHEX biological functions in extracellular matrix mineralization