First Registration

First registration requires that the candidate meets the following conditions:

  • obtained a national Master’s degree, or an equivalent diploma conferring the grade of Master, to establish research aptitude. If this condition is not fulfilled,  an exemption can be granted by the President of the University upon suggestion of the Doctoral School  (Doc 1 exemption for Master’s Paris Descartes)
  • have a favorable opinion from the jury of the Doctoral School
  • have the agreement of the thesis director and the laboratory director to pursue a thesis
  • have funding for the period of the thesis
  • if the doctoral student had a doctoral contract from the University or managed by the University, the decree of 23rd April 2009, published in JO 25th April 2009, governs the status of the PhD contract of the higher education and research institutions
  • follow the required complementary education (100 hours) in the form of 3 credits: (1) interdisciplinary, (2) in the scientific field of the thesis project, (3) Career development
  • read and commit to respect the European Researcher Charter, as well as the Thesis Charter.
How to obtain an exemption for the second year of a Research Master’s (M2R) ?

To register for a Doctorate, an equivalence of a Research or Professional Master’s degree can be delivered by the president of the University Paris Descartes, after the Director of the Doctoral School proposal in the following cases:

  • Automatic exemption for all European diplomas with an equivalent level of a two-year Research Master’s
  • In all other cases, five validated years in scientific higher education need to be justified and a research experience certified either by:
  • a publication in an international peer-reviewed journal with a significant impact factor and a letter from the Director of the laboratory where the research was done describing the candidate’s contribution
  • at least six months internship at the M2R level in the discipline with a written report and oral presentation


In all cases, the candidate must be accepted by the thesis Director belonging to the team of the PhD student.