During their thesis, each student must validate their training portfolio , composed of about hundred hours of training (50 hours for Doctoral candidates holding a teaching mission). They also have to file the Training recap form .

Courses are divided into three types of modules:
 * Cross-disciplinary
 * Scientific, in the field the thesis project
 * Professional integration and career development

Objectives of the training modules
 - Extend the scientific culture of the doctoral student in areas outside their thesis
 - Allow the doctoral student to acquire mastery of complementary techniques
 - Help the student for their future integration into working life after the PhD


Financial Assistance

For some courses that are not free of charge, but that fit into the professional project, the Doctoral School may grant partial funding (prior agreement of the management of essential ED) in exceptional cases.
The host laboratory normally covers costs related to training.


Validation of training modules
 Doctoral students must provide the Doctoral School with a certificate of participation  at the end of each training module.
 Validation of 100 hours (distributed equal between the three types of modules – inter-disciplinary, scientific in the field of the thesis project and professional integration) is a pre-requisite for the thesis defense.
 Equivalences of one or two modules can be granted by the Doctoral School – on a case-by-case basis - for special training.


Pratical information

A module cannot validate more than 30h and a day of formation equate to 6h.

Only the formation at the animal experimentation would validate 50h.

Two participations in conferences can be validated as modules if the student makes an oral or a poster presentation.

A module regularly followed by the student during his or her master research cannot be validated as part of this doctoral training. The direction of the Graduate School encourages doctoral students to attend different training modules that it offers when they are part of a specific career plan.


  • The Doctoral School is sending all along the year offers of formation directly by email


  • On the website of CFDip you will find a catalog of courses offered to doctoral students with or without teaching mission


  • You would also find on the Biu website some training offers


  • The Collège de France offers to PhD students to follow trainings, the request needs to get through the administrative manager