Mid-Term Evaluation

All doctoral students are auditioned around February-March of their second year of PhD studies, together with their thesis director, by an Evaluating Committee including members of the department advisory board and thesis directors of teams from the Doctoral School .

These auditions, organised by the Doctoral School, focus on the progress of the thesis and ensure that the thesis can be defended within three years (with the possibility of a 4th year with special permission). The candidates and thesis directors are auditioned together (10 minutes) and then each individually (5 minutes) by the Audition Committee in order to detect potential problems encountered by the doctoral student and to resolve any conflicts. The future of the doctoral student after the PhD is also discussed. These meetings focus on the scientific progress, the date of the thesis defense, and potential publications (published, submitted, in preparation,…), rather that detailed scientific results.

Doctoral students must complete a form  describing the progress of their thesis work and send it back to the administrative manager at leat 2 weeks before the audition.