Collins Thérèse

Professor of cognitive science

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Équipe Vision

Thèmes de recherche :

Research conducted by the Vision Group is aimed at a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying a variety of visual phenomena and of the links between visual perception and action. Our interests include the properties of visual attention and of spatial maps, visual perception during eye and head movements, the information and use of multiple cues for the perception of depth and motion, the perception of duration of visual events, and visual decision processes. We also do research on hearing and touch, especially in their interactions with and analogies to vision. Our methodological approaches are mostly experimental (visual psychophysics) with links to modeling and brain imaging.

Mots clés :

perception visuelle - mouvements oculaires

Publications significatives :

  • Paeye, C., Collins, T. & Cavanagh, P. (2016). Trans-saccadic perceptual fusion Journal of Vision, in press.
  • Collins, T. (2016). The spatiotopic representation of visual objects across time. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics, in press.
  • Duyck, M.,Collins, T., Wexler, M. (2016). Masking the saccadic smear. Journal of Vision, Vol.16, 1. doi:10.1167/16.10.1. PDF
  • Eymond, C., Cavanagh, P. & Collins, T. (2016). Feature-based attention across saccades and immediate post-saccadic selection. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics, in press.
  • Krueger, H.M., Collins, T., Englitz, B. & Cavanagh, P. (2016). Saccades create similar mislocalizations in visual and auditory space. Journal of Neurophysiology, in press.


Doctorant(e)s encadré(e)s 2016 - 2017 :

  1. Rodrigo Balp (codirection Florian Waszak) - 1ère année
  2. Nika Adamian (codirection Patrick Cavanagh - 4ème année