ANGULO Maria Cecilia : UMR_S1128 : : Physiology of NG2 cells

Unit : INSERM UMR_S1128 - Université Paris Descartes

Faculté des Sciences Fondamentales et Biomédicales
Laboratoire de Neurophysiologie et Nouvelles Microscopies (INSERM UMR_S1128)
45 rue des Saints-Pères
75270 PARIS Cedex 06

Speciality : Department DGNRV

Director of the unit : Serge CHARPAK

Principal investigator :

ANGULO Maria Cecilia
Email : Phone number: +33 (0)1 70 64 99 35

Composition of research team :

  • ANGULO Maria Cecilia (DR2-CNRS, HDR)

5 Recent publications of the research team :

Wake H*, Ortiz FC*, Woo DH, Lee P, Angulo MC, Fields D (2015) “Non-synaptic junctions on myelinating glia promote preferential myelination of electrically-active axons”. Nat Commun 6:7844 (*Co-first authors)

Orduz D*, Maldonado PP*, Balia M, Vélez-Fort M, de Sars V, Yanagawa Y, Emiliani V, Angulo MC (2015) Interneurons and oligodendrocyte progenitors form a structured synaptic network in the developing neocortex. eLife 4:e06953 (*Co-first authors)

Balia M*, Vélez-Fort M*, Passlick S, Schäfer C, Audinat E, Steinhäuser C, Seifert G, Angulo MC (2015) Postnatal down-regulation of the GABAA receptor γ2 subunit in neocortical NG2 cells accompanies synaptic-to-extrasynaptic switch in GABAergic transmission mode. Cereb Cortex, 25(4):1114-23 (*Co-first authors)

Sahel, A*, Ortiz, FC*, Kerninon, C, Maldonado PP, Angulo MC#, Nait Oumesmar B# (2015) Alteration of synaptic connectivity of oligodendrocyte precursor cells following demyelination. Front Cell Neurosci 9:77. (*Co-first authors; #Co-senior authors)

Maldonado PP, Vélez-Fort M, Levavasseur F, Angulo MC (2013) Oligodendrocyte precursor cells are accurate sensors of local K+ in mature gray matter. J Neurosci 33(6):2432-42