CHARNEAU Pierre : Institut Pasteur : Molecular Virology and Vaccinology

Unit : Département de Virologie - Institut Pasteur

Institut Pasteur
Département de Virologie
25-28 rue du Dr. Roux
75015 PARIS

Speciality : Department IM

Director of the unit : Olivier SCHWARTZ

Principal investigator :

Email : Phone number: +33 (0)1 45 68 88 22

Composition of research team :

  • CHARNEAU Pierre (CR IP)

5 Recent publications of the research team :

Coutant F, Sanchez David RY, Félix T, Boulay A, Caleechurn L, Souque P, Thouvenot C, Bourgouin C, Beignon AS, Charneau P.A nonintegrative lentiviral vector-based vaccine provides long-term sterile protection against malaria. PLoS One. 2012;7(11):e48644.

Beignon AS, Mollier K, Liard C, Coutant F, Munier S, Rivière J, Souque P,Charneau P.

Lentiviral vector-based prime/boost vaccination against AIDS: pilotstudy shows protection against Simian immunodeficiency virus SIVmac251 challenge in macaques. J Virol. 2009 Nov;83(21):10963-74.

Iglesias C, Ringeard M, Di Nunzio F, Fernandez J, Gaudin R, Souque P, CharneauP, Arhel N.Residual HIV-1 DNA Flap-independent nuclear import of cPPT/CTS double mutant viruses does not support spreading infection. Retrovirology. 2011 Nov10;8(1):92.

Coutant F, Frenkiel MP, Despres P, Charneau P. Protective antiviral immunity conferred by a nonintegrative lentiviral vector-based vaccine. PLoS One.2008;3(12):e3973.

Arhel NJ, Souquere-Besse S, Munier S, Souque P, Guadagnini S, Rutherford S,Prévost MC, Allen TD, Charneau P. HIV-1 DNA Flap formation promotes uncoating of the pre-integration complex at the nuclear pore. EMBO J. 2007 Jun 20;26(12):3025-37.