SUREAU Camille : INTS : Molecular Virology

Unit : Département des agents transmissibles par le sang - Institut National de Transufusion Sanguine (INTS)

Département des agents transmissibles par le sang
6 rue Alexandre Cabanel
75015 PARIS

Speciality : Department IM

Director of the unit : Syria LAPERCHE

Principal investigator :

SUREAU Camille
Email : Phone number: +33 (0)1 44 49 30 56

Composition of research team :

  • SUREAU Camille (DR-CNRS, HDR)
  • LEFRERE Jean-Jacques (PR, HDR)


5 Recent publications of the research team :

Sureau C. 2013. Recent developments in hepatitis delta virus. In Chronic hepatitis B and C. Basic science to clinical applications Chiaho Shih editor World Scientific Publishing Co. Chapter 7 pp 197-228

Sureau C and J. Salisse. 2013. A conformational heparan sulfate-binding site essential to infectivity overlaps with the conserved hepatitis B virus a-determinant. Hepatology 57:985-94.

Kwei K., Tang X., Lok A., Sureau C., Garcia T., Li J., Wands J., and S.Tong. 2013. Impaired Virion Secretion by Hepatitis B Virus Immune Escape Mutants and its Rescue by Wild-Type Envelope Proteins or a Second-Site Mutation. J Virol. 87:2352-7

Sauvage V,Cheval J, Foulongne V, Gouilh MA, Pariente K, Manuguerra JC, Richardson J, Dereure O, Lecuit M, Burguiere A, Caro V, Eloit M, Identification of the first human gyrovirus, a virus related to chicken anemia virus. J Virol. 2011;85:7948-50

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