BORGHI Nicolas : UMR 7592 : Mechanotranduction : from cell surface to nucleus

Unit : CNRS7592 - Institut Jacques Monod - Université Paris Diderot

Institut Jacques Monod CNRS UMR7592
Université Paris Diderot
Bâtiment Buffon B
15 rue Hélène Brion
75205 PARIS Cedex 13

Speciality : Department BCMPP

Director of the unit : Giuseppe BALDACCI

Principal investigator : BORGHI Nicolas

BORGHI Nicolas
Email : Phone number: +33 (0)1 57 27 80 41

Composition of research team :

  • BORGHI Nicolas (CR)
  • AUDUGE Nicolas (IR)
  • COPPEY-MOISAN Maïté (DR émérite, HDR)     
  • GIRARD Philippe (MC)

5 Recent publications of the research team :

Mechanical checkpoint for persistent cell polarization in adhesion-naive fibroblasts.P. Bun, J. Liu, H. Turlier, Z. Liu, K. Uriot, J.F. Joanny, M. Coppey-Moisan.
 Biophys J, (2014) 107:324-35. Abstract  Comment in: Biophys J. (2014) 107:285-6.
 Different Roles of Cadherins in the Assembly and Structural Integrity of the Desmosome Complex.M. Lowndes, S. Rakshit, O. Shafraz, N. Borghi, R.M. Harmon, K. Green, S. Sivasankar, and W. J. Nelson.
 J. Cell Science, (2014) 127:2339-50. Abstract 
 E-cadherin is under constitutive actomyosin-generated tension that is increased at cell-cell contacts upon externally applied stretch.
 N. Borghi, M, Sorokina, O. G. Shcherbakova, W. I. Weis, B. L. Pruitt, W. J. Nelson, A. R. Dunn.Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, (2012) 109:12568-73. Abstract 
 FROM THE COVER: Regulation of cell motile behavior by crosstalk between cadherin- and integrin-mediated adhesions. N. Borghi, M. Lowndes, V. Maruthamuthu, M. Gardel and W. J. Nelson.
 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, (2010) 107:13324-9. Abstract  Comment in: Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, (2010) 107:13199-200.
 Intercellular Adhesion in Morphogenesis: Molecular and Biophysical Considerations. N. Borghi and W.J. Nelson; In “Epithelial Morphogenesis and Tissue Remodelling”, Current Topics in Developmental Biology, (2009) 89:1-32, T. Lecuit (Ed.).