MENARD Robert : Institut Pasteur : Malaria Infection and Immunity

Unit : Département de Parasitologie & Mycologie

Institut Pasteur
Unité de Biologie & Génétique du Paludisme
28, rue du Dr. Roux
75015 PARIS

Speciality : Department IM

Director of the unit : Kenneth VERNICK

Principal investigator :

Email : Phone number: +33 (0)1 40 61 32 60

Composition of research team :

  • MENARD Robert (DR- IP, HDR)
  • BALDACCI Patricia (CR- IP, HDR)
  • THIBERGE Sabine (Ingénieur IP)
  • DOBRESCU Nirina( Ingénieu-IP)

5 Recent publications of the research team :

Lacroix C, Giovannini D, Combe A, Bargieri DY, Späth S, Panchal D, Tawk L, Thiberge S, Carvalho TG, Barale JC, Bhanot P, Ménard R. 2011. FLP/FRT-mediated conditional mutagenesis in pre-erythrocytic stages of Plasmodium berghei. Nature Protocols 6, 1412-1428.

Giovannini D, Spaeth S, Lacroix C, Perazzi A, Bargieri D, Lagal V, Lebugle C, Combe A, Thiberge S, Baldacci P, Tardieux I, Ménard R. 2011. Independent roles of AMA1 and RON4 in distinct steps of host cell invasion by Apicomplexa. Cell Host Microbe 10, 591-602.

Bargieri D, Lagal V, Tardieux I, Ménard R. 2012. Host cell invasion by apicomplexans: what do we know? Trends in Parasitology 28, 131-135.

Ménard R, Tavares J, Cockburn I, Markus MB, Zavala F, Amino R. 2013. Looking under the skin: the first steps in malarial infection and immunity. Nature Reviews Microbiology 11, 701-712 (2013).

Bargieri DY, Andenmatten N, Lagal V, Thiberge S, Whitelaw JA, Tardieux I, Meissner M, Ménard R. Apical membrane antigen 1 mediates apicomplexan parasite attachment but is dispensable for invasion of host cells. Nature Communications, in press.