LECLERC Claude : Institut Pasteur : Immune Regulation and Vaccinology

Unit : Département d'Immunologie - Institut Pasteur

Institut Pasteur
Unité Régulation Immunitaire et Vaccinologie
25 rue du Docteur Roux 
75015 PARIS

Speciality : Department IMMUNO

Director of the unit : Claude LECLERC

Principal investigator :

Email : Phone number: +33 (0)1 45 68 86 18

Composition of research team :

  • LECLERC Claude (Pr,HDR)
  • DADAGLIO Gilles (CR, HDR)

5 Recent publications of the research team :

Chaoul N, Fayolle C, Desrues B, Oberkampf M, Tang A, Ladant D, Leclerc C. Rapamycin impedes vaccine-induced tumor eradication and CD8+ T-cell response to tumors. Cancer Res. 2015, 75, 3279-3291.

Zhang X, Mozeleski B, Lemoine S, Deriaud E, Lim A, Zhivaki D, Azria E, Le Ray C, Roguet G, Launay O, Vanet A, Leclerc C, Lo-Man R. CD4 T cells with effector memory phenotype and function develop in the sterile environment of the fetus. Sci Transl Med. 2014, 6, 238, 1-10.

Hervas-Stubbs S, Riezu-Boj JI, Mancheño U, Rueda P, Lopez L, Alignani D, Rodriguez-Garcia E, Thieblemont N, Leclerc C. Conventional but not plasmacytoid dendritic cells foster the systemic virus-induced Type I IFN response needed for efficient CD8 T cell priming. J Immunol. 2014, 193, 1151-1161.

Dadaglio G, Fayolle C, Zhang X, Ryffel B, Oberkampf M, Felix T, Hervas-Stubbs S, Osika R, Sebo P, Ladant D, Leclerc C. Antigen Targeting to CD11b+ Dendritic Cells in Association with TLR4/Toll/IL-1R Domain-Containing Adapter-Inducing IFN-β Signaling Promotes Strong CD8+ T Cell Responses. J Immunol. 2014, 193, 1787-1798.

Sayes, F., L. Sun, M. Di Luca, R. Simeone, N. Degaiffier, L. Fiette, S. Esin, R. Brosch, D. Bottai, C. Leclerc and L. Majlessi. Strong Immunogenicity and Cross-Reactivity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis ESX-5 Type VII Secretion-Encoded PE-PPE Proteins Predicts Vaccine Potential. Cell Host Microbe, 2012, 11, 352-363.