ALLANORE Yannick : UMR_S1016 UMR8104 : Genetics of the immune system and chronic inflammatory rheumatisms

Unit : INSERM UMR_S1016 CNRS 8104 - Institut Cochin - Université Paris Descartes

Institut Cochin
Bâtiment Roussy – 4ème étage – Porte 410
27, rue du faubourg Saint Jacques
75014 PARIS

Speciality : Department IMMUNO

Director of the unit : Pierre-Olivier COURAUD

Principal investigator :

Email : Phone number: +33 (0)1 58 41 25 63

Composition of research team :

  • ALLANORE  Yannick (PUPH, HDR)
  • AVOUAC Jérome (MCU-PH)
  • GIRAUD Matthieu (CR1)
  • WIPFF Julien (PHU)

5 Recent publications of the research team :

Avouac J, Elhai M, Tomcik M, Ruiz B, Friese M, Piedavent M, Colonna M, Bernhardt G, Kahan A, Chiocchia G, Distler JH, Allanore Y. Critical role of the adhesion receptor DNAX accessory molecule-1 (DNAM-1) in the development of inflammation-driven dermal fibrosis in a mouse model of systemic sclerosis. Ann Rheum Dis. 2013 Jun;72(6):1089-98. 

Koumakis E, Giraud M, Dieudé P, Cohignac V, Cuomo G, Airò P, Hachulla E, Matucci-Cerinic M, Diot E, Caramaschi P, Mouthon L, Riccieri V, Cracowski JL, Tiev KP, Francès C, Amoura Z, Sibilia J, Cosnes A, Carpentier P, Valentini G, Manetti M, Guiducci S, Meyer O, Kahan A, Boileau C, Chiocchia G, Allanore Y. Candidate gene study in systemic sclerosis identifies a rare and functional variant of the TNFAIP3 locus as a risk factor for polyautoimmunity. Arthritis Rheum. 2012 Aug;64(8):2746-52

Giraud M, Yoshida H, Abramson J, Rahl PB, Young RA, Mathis D, Benoist C. Aire unleashes stalled RNA polymerase to induce ectopic gene expression in thymic epithelial cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 Jan 10;109(2):535-40

Allanore Y, Saad M, Dieudé P, Avouac J, Distler JH, Amouyel P, Matucci-Cerinic M, Riemekasten G, Airo P, Melchers I, Hachulla E, Cusi D, Wichmann HE, Wipff J, Lambert JC, Hunzelmann N, Tiev K, Caramaschi P, Diot E, Kowal-Bielecka O, Valentini G, Mouthon L, Czirják L, Damjanov N, Salvi E, Conti C, Müller M, Müller-Ladner U, Riccieri V, Ruiz B, Cracowski JL, Letenneur L, Dupuy AM, Meyer O, Kahan A, Munnich A, Boileau C, Martinez M. Genome-wide scan identifies TNIP1, PSORS1C1, and RHOB as novel risk loci for systemic sclerosis.PLoS Genet. 2011 Jul;7(7):e1002091

Giraud M, Taubert R, Vandiedonck C, Ke X, Lévi-Strauss M, Pagani F, Baralle FE, Eymard B, Tranchant C, Gajdos P, Vincent A, Willcox N, Beeson D, Kyewski B, Garchon HJ. An IRF8-binding promoter variant and AIRE control CHRNA1 promiscuous expression in thymus. Nature. 2007 Aug 23;448(7156):934-7.