QUINTIN Jessica : G5 Immunology of Fungal Infections : G5 Immunology of Fungal Infections

Unité de recherche : Department of Immunology - Institut Pasteur

Institut Pasteur
G5 Immunology of Fungal Infections
Bâtiment Metchnikoff
25 rue du docteur Roux
75015 PARIS

Speciality : Department IMMUNO

Director of the Unit : ALBERT Matthew

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Composition of the Research Team :

  • QUINTIN Jessia (CR, Responsable G5)

5 recent pulbications of the team :

Hamon MA, Quintin J.# lnnate immune memory in mammals. Semin lmmunol. 2016.

Saeed S*, Quintin J*, Kerstens H*,Rao AN*,  Aghajanirefah A*,Matarese F,Cheng SC, Ratter J, Berentsen K,van der Ent M, Sharifi N, Janssen-Megens E, Ter Huurne M, Mandoli A, Ng A, Burden F,Downes K, Frontini M, Kumar V, Giamarellos-Bourboulis EJ, Ouwehand WH,van der Meer JWM,Joosten LAB, Wijmenga C, MartensJHA, Xavier RJ, Logie C, Netea MG and Stunnenberg HG. Epigenetic  programming during monocyte to macrophage differentiation and trained innate immunity.Science.  2014.

Cheng SC, Quintin J,Cramer RA,Shepardson KM,Saeed S, Kumar V,Giamarellos-Bourboulis EJ, MartensJHA,Rao AN, Aghajanirefah A, Manjeri G, Li Y, lfrim OC, Deen PMT,Logie C, O'Neill LA, Willems P,van de Veerdonk  F,van der MeerJWM, Ng A,Joosten LAB, Wijmenga C, Stunnenberg HG, Xavier RJ, and Netea MG. Epigenetic profiling identifies mTOR/HIFla-dependent induction of glycolysis as the cellular metabolic basis oftrained immunity.Science. 2014.

lfrim OC, Joosten LAB, Kullberg BJ, Jacobs L,Jansen T, Williams DL,Gow NAR,van der Meer JWM, Netea MG, Quintin l.Candida albicans primes the Toll-like receptor cytokine responses through a dectin-1/Raf-1-mediated pathway.J lmmunol. 2013 .

Quintin J*, Saeed S*, Martens JHA, Giamarellos-Bourboulis EJ, lfrim OC,Logie C, Jacobs L,Jansen T, Kullberg BJ,Wijmenga C, Joosten LAB,Xavier RJ,van der Meer JWM, Stunnenberg HG, Netea MG. Candida albicans infection affords protection against re-infection via functional reprogramming of monocytes. Cell Host Microbe. 2012.