ENNINGA Jost : Institut Pasteur : Dynamics of Host-pathogen Interactions

Unit : Département de Biologie Cellulaire et Infection - Institut Pasteur

Institut Pasteur
Unité Dynamique des Interactions Hôte-Pathogène (DIHP)
25-28 rue du Docteur Roux
75015 PARIS

Speciality : Department IM

Director of the unit : Jean-Christophe OLIVO-MARIN

Principal investigator :

Email : jost.enningaSPAMFILTER@pasteur.fr Phone number: +33 (0)1 44 38 94 13

Composition of research team :

  • LATOUR-LAMBERT Patricia (Ingénieur IP)

5 Recent publications of the research team :

Simeone R. (*), Bobard A. (*), Lippmann J., Bitter W., Majlessi L., Brosch R. (*) and Enninga J. (*), Phagosomal translocation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis results in toxicity and host cell death, PLoS Pathogens, 2012 Feb;8(2):e1002507

Ehsani S, Santos JC, Rodrigues CD, Henriques R, Audry L, Zimmer C, Sansonetti P, Tran Van Nhieu G, Enninga J. Hierarchies of host factor dynamics at the entry site of Shigella flexneri during host cell invasion. Infect Immun. 2012 Jul;80(7):2548-57

Cebrian I, Visentin G., Blanchard N., Bobard A., Moita C., Enninga J., Moita LF, Amigorena S., Savina A. Sec22b controls the recruitment of endoplasmic reticulum to phagosomes in dendritic cells Cell, 2011 Dec 9;147(6):1355-68

Ray K. (*), Bobard A. (*), Danckaert A., Clair C., Ehsani S., Tang C., Sansonetti P., Tran Van Nhieu G., Enninga J. Tracking the dynamic interplay between bacterial and host factors during pathogen-induced vacuolar rupture in real time by fluorescence microscopy. Cellular Microbiology 2010. Apr 1;12(4):545-56

Mounier J., Popoff M., Enninga J., Frame M., Sansonetti P., Tran Van Nhieu G. IpaC-dependent Src activation during Shigella invasion of epithelial cells. PLoS Pathogens 2009 Jan; 5(1)