NIEDERGANG Florence : UMR_S1016 - UMR8104 : Biology of Phagocytes

Unit : INSERM UMR_S1016 CNRS8104 - Institut Cochin - Université Paris Descartes

Institut Cochin
INSERM UMR_S1016 - CNRS 8104 Equipe Biologie des Phagocytes
22 rue Méchain
75014 PARIS

Speciality : Department IM

Director of the unit : Pierre - Olivier COURAUD

Principal investigator :

Email : Phone number: +33 (0)1 40 51 64 21

Composition of research team :

  • BONNEFOY Eliette (DR2-CNRS, HDR)
  • OUAAZ Fatah (CR1-INSERM)

5 Recent publications of the research team :

Niedergang F., Phagocytosis. In: Ralph A Bradshaw and Philip D Stahl (Editors-in-Chief), Encyclopedia of Cell Biology, Vol 2, Waltham, MA: Academic Press, 2016, pp. 751-757.

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Marion S., Mazzolini J., Herit F., Bourdoncle P., Kambou-Pene N., Hailfinger S., Sachse M., Benmerah A., Echard A., Thome M. and Niedergang F. The NF-κB signaling protein Bcl10 regulates actin dynamics by controlling AP1 and OCRL-bearing vesicles. Dev Cell (2012) 23 : 954-967.

Le Roux D., Le Bon A., Dumas A., Taleb K., Sachse M., Sikora R., Julithe M., Benmerah A., Bismuth G. and Niedergang F. Antigen stored in dendritic cells after macropinocytosis is released unprocessed from late endosomes to target B cells. Blood (2012) 119: 95-105.

Mazzolini J., Herit F., Bouchet J., Benmerah A., Benichou S., Niedergang F. Inhibition of phagocytosis in HIV-1-infected macrophages relies on Nef-dependent alteration of focal delivery of recycling compartments. Blood. (2010) 115:4226-4236.