Registration Procedure

To apply for graduate studies, the future PhD student must:

  • Contact the research unit or the doctorate research teams of the Doctoral School  BioSPC
  • Obtain the agreement from a thesis director who is a member of the Doctoral School
  • Secure funding for the entire length of the thesis

The choice of the university for administrative registration depends on the university affiliation of the research team (Université Paris Descartes or Université Paris Diderot)

The registration in first year of doctoral studies involves two steps:


Scholastic Registration

The candidate can obtain the Scholastic Registration application from the secretary of the Doctoral School  BioSPC, only if they have obtained:

  • agreement from the thesis director and from the unit director
  • funding for the entire length of the thesis
  • a favourable opinion from the Doctoral School  jury. No consent to register will be delivered by the Director of the Doctoral School  or the President of the University (Paris Descartes or Paris Diderot) without a favourable opinion from the Doctoral School  jury. This jury, composed of members of the Doctoral School  board and external experts, auditions all the students in order to evaluate the candidate and their project.


For candidates with funding, you have to send to the doctoral school, in order to program your audition, your pedagogic file that must include:

- A C.V

- The research project on two pages, signed by the thesis director

- A proof of funding

- the curriculum form  duly filled


The calendar of the auditions is the following:

  • Beginning of July: Doctoral School  auditions. Audition of the candidates who have applied for a doctoral contract as a fellowship.
  • Beginning of September, October or November for students that have already obtained funding from another source (e.g. Ile de France financing, private associations, employee…)



Administrative Registration