Practical Information

Practical information
 1: Contact the Thesis director and the Head of the research team
 Thesis projects proposed by each team are posted on the website of the Doctoral School in April 2019.
 2 Register for the Competition for doctoral contracts
 With the agreement of the thesis director, the leader of the team and the Director of the Research Unit - the candidate can submit an application to the competition via the corresponding department of the Doctoral School ( terms and conditions ).

 If the registration is admissible - the candidate receives notification for the competition by e-mail with acknowledgment.
 The deadline for registration is 29 May 2019 at noon.
 3: Competition procedure
 Each department will organize its competition, so there will be 4 competitions for the Doctoral School  Bio Sorbonne Paris Cité.

  • Development, Genetics, Neuroscience, Aging and Reproduction (DGNRV) department:  1 of July 2019
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology, Physiology, Pathophysiology (BCMPP) department: 28 of June 2019
  • Immunology Department (IMMUNO) department: 2 of July 2019
  • Microbiology Infectious Diseases (IM) department:  3 of July 2019


The competition jury
 The jury, consisting of at least 6 members, brings together experts from all disciplines of the relevant department, with some external members and other researchers from the teams of the Doctoral School . All researchers from teams that are presenting a candidate for a doctoral contract cannot participate in the jury. Representatives of doctoral students in the advisory board are present as observers. If the number of candidates is too high for a single day, the jury is divided into two sub-panels of at least six members each.
 To ensure the fairness of the evaluation of the four departments, the jurys will use the same assessment grid.
 Preselection of candidates
 A pre-selection will be made if the number of candidates exceeds twice the number of contracts awarded. The preselection will be managed by a jury composed of members of the Doctoral School  advisory board and will be based on registration information sent by the candidates.
 Contracts are awarded following a competition organized during the first week of July by each department of the Doctoral School  of Bio Sorbonne Paris Cité.
 After audition of the candidates, evaluation of their CV and their research project, candidates are ranked by a jury. The ranking of the candidates in the competition will be determined by a final grade which includes :
  40%: the grades of previous degree courses and academic achievements, taking into account the grades and rankings during L3, M1 and M2 ( academic grid )
  60%: the grade given by the Jury at the end of each oral presentation ( audition grid )
 4: Competition Results
 The final ranking results are published on the website of the Doctoral School


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