Sujets proposés au concours 2019

L’école doctorale est découpée en quatre départements autonomes qui sont :

  • Département de Biologie Cellulaire et Moléculaire, Physiologie, Physiopathologie (BCMPP)
  • Département Développement, Génétique, Neurobiologie, Reproduction et Vieillissement (DGNRV)
  • Département Immunologie (IMMUNO)
  • Département Infectiologie Microbiologie (IM)



Spécialité : Département BCMPP

Sujet de thèse Equipe Directeur de thèse
Role of the histone lysine methyltransferase SETDB1 in the regulation of muscle regeneration and fibrotic response in muscular dystrophy models UMR7216 - Epigénétique et Destin Cellulaire AIT-SI-ALI Slimane
Impact of mitochondrial alterations on colorectal cancer development/aggressiveness through UCP2 invalidation Inserm U1016-Institut Cochin ALVES-GUERRA Marie-Clotilde
Mitochondrial stress in the pathophysiology and prognosis of chronic hepatitis B INSERM U1149 Physiopathologie et Traitement des Hépatites Virales ASSELAH Tarik
Pangenomic analysis of pituitary adenomas: mechanistic and translational aspects Inserm U1016 Institut Cochin ASSIE Guillaume
Study of the role of mother-centriole appendages in stem-cell asymmetric divisions UMR 7592 Polarité cellulaire dans le développement et l'évolution AZIMZADEH Juliette
Oral implant osseointegration mechanisms related to X-Linked Hypophosphatemia condition and treatments, using the murine model of the human disease, the Hyp mouse EA 2496 BARDET Claire
Desmin mutations study and cellular therapy with muscle satellite cells modified with CrispR/cas9 system UMR8251 BFA BATONNET-PICHON Sabrina & LILIENBAUM Alain
Characterization of the ciliary functions of a GPCR family, the target of a potential new therapeutic approach for renal ciliopathies Institut Imagine, INSERM UMR116 BENMERAH Alexandre
TransMito' - Cell-to-cell transfer of mitochondriae via pathological extracellular vesicles INSERM UMRS 970 PARCC BLANC-BRUDE Olivier
Mechanotransduction during epithelium-to-mesenchyme transition: molecular and physical mechanisms UMR7592 Mécanotransduction : de la surface de la cellule au noyau BORGHI Nicolas
Craniofacial Bone Tissue Engineering: Angiogenic and osteogenic aspects EA2496 CHAUSSAIN Catherine
Role of Orexin/OXR system in digestive chronic inflammatory diseases: Impact on inflammation-associated cancers UMR1149 INSERM/CRI COUVINEAU Alain
In silico VHH camelid antibodies design UMR_S 1134 DE BREVERN Alexandre
Cell contractility modulation in the maintenance of an epithelial tissue CNRS UMR144 DELACOUR Delphine
Structural and functional architecture of the endosomal system and its role in the physiopathology of the skin CNRS UMR144 DELEVOYE Cédric
Functional characterization of a novel Polycomb cofactor in Paramecium Institut Jacques Monod DUHARCOURT Sandra
Molecular mechanisms regulating actin cytoskeleton remodeling in 1-dimentional-wetting-mediated plasma membrane protrusions Institut Pasteur DUMENIL Guillaume
Centrosomal Oocyte Meiosis in the Parthenogenetic Nematode Rhabditophanes sp. UMR7592 Division Cellulaire et Reproduction DUMONT Julien
GliomaGuide : Guidance of glioma angiogenesis and immunity INSERM UMRS 970 EICHMANN Anne
Investigating ineffective erythropoiesis in sickle cell disease UMR_S1134 / Equipe 1 EL NEMER Wassim
Role of the inflammasome Nlpr3 in periodontal tissue destruction induced by Porphyromonas gingivalis in periodontitis EA2496 GOSSET Marjolaine
Role of a new epithelial cell subpopulation in prostate cancer relapse Unité Inserm 1151 GUIDOTTI Jacques-Emmanuel
Development of an extracellular vesicle-functionalized biomaterial for the treatment of severe heart failure INSERM UMR970 HAGEGE Albert
O-GlcNAcylation in macrophages: role in pro-inflammatory signaling and chronic inflammation associated with metabolic diseases INSERM U1016, Institut Cochin ISSAD Tarik
Retinal microcirculation impairment in 2 rare non atheromatous arterial diseases INSERM U970 JEUNEMAITRE Xavier & AZIZI Michel
Identification of new monogenic forms of diabetes based on genetic and metabolic criteria INSERM U1016, Institut Cochin JULIER Cécile
FAM20A dysfunction in enamel renal syndrom UMRS1138 KOZYRAKI Renata
How K63 chains are recognized during endocytosis ? IJM LEON Sébastien
Role of Monoacylglycerol Lipase in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Inserm U1149 LOTERSZTAJN Sophie
Circulating cardiomyocyte Extracellular Vesicles : a new inflammatory messenger in response of myocardial infarction ? INSERM U970 PARCC LOYER Xavier
Unraveling the role of the paraventricular thalamus in controlling feeding behavior, homeostasis and energy balance UMR 8251 Unité BFA LUQUET Serge
Identification of keys genes and conception of new therapeutical molecules involved in the progression of type 2 diabetes based on bioinformatics analysis CNRS UMR 8251 MAGNAN Christophe & TABOUREAU Olivier
Regulation of cytokinesis by SMYD3-mediated methylation of ESCRT proteins UMR 7216-CNRS MEDJKANE Souhila
Ferroptosis: Novel death for targeting breast cancer stem cells U1151 INEM MEHRPOUR Maryam
Molecular bases of mitochondrial uncoupling protein 1 mediated thermogenesis Laboratoire de Biologie Physico-Chimique des Protéines membranaires MIROUX Bruno
Role of PI3P-binding sorting nexins in autophagy early steps regulation INEM INSERM U1151 MOREL Etienne
Deciphering DNA repair processes using magnetic tweezers and synthetic biology UMR 7592 Nanomanipulation de biomolécules NADAL Marc
Integrated mechanobiology of integrin-mediated phagocytosis Institut Cochin NIEDERGANG Florence
Novel mechanisms of metabolic control by nutrient sensing class 3 PI3K signalling INSERM U1151/CNRS UMR 8253 PANASYUK Ganna
Role of epidermal hepcidin in inflammatory-related diseases INSERM U1016-CNRS UMR 8104 PEYSSONNAUX Carole
Role of the transcription factor ChREBP in the inter organ-cross talk that controls energy homeostasis Inserm U1016 Institut Cochin POSTIC Catherine
Early stages of pancreatic cancer associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome INSERM UMR 1149 REBOURS Vinciane
Molecular mechanisms of human HBV/HDV entry inhibition Institut Pasteur REYES Nicolas
Crosstalks between transcriptional and mechanical cues underpinning the epithelial-mesenchymal transition spectrum UMR7592, Institut Jacques Monod RIBES Vanessa
Role of Immune cells in Diabetes and Obesity INSERM U1016-Institut Cochin ROGNER Ute Christine
Functional characterization of a novel protein complex in stress-induced regulation of mRNA expression in the context of renal ciliopathies UMR1163 SAUNIER Sophie
Molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating beta-arrestin-mediated compartmentalization of nuclear partner proteins: implications for cell proliferation Institut Cochin SCOTT Mark
Identification and characterization of gut-dependent microbiota metabolites in cardio-metabolic disease U 970 PARCC TEDGUI Alain
Exploring calpain-mediated regulation of glomerular and vascular autophagy and its roles in chronic kidney disease UMR970 THARAUX Pierre-Louis
Development of inducible membrane contact sites to control exosome secretion in vivo U1266 VAN NIEL Guillaume
Regulation of membrane contact site assembly and function during cell division Institut Jacques Monod VERBAVATZ Jean-Marc
Impact of AMPK activation in the treatment of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) U1016 institut Cochin VIOLLET Benoit
The contribution of autophagy during the development of Alzheimer’s disease Institut Pasteur WOLLERT Thomas
MICAL-L1 in neuronal membrane trafficking INSERM U. 1266 ZAHRAOUI Ahmed
Identification of molecular mechanisms of aldosterone-dependent salt and water reabsorption in the distal nephron by single cell RNA sequencing INSERM U970 ZENNARO Maria-Christina
Inhibitors of protein translocation to treat cancer Unité d'Immunobiologie de l'Infection DADAGLIO Gilles
Identify the cellular and systemic mechanisms of action of hydroxychloroquine on the treatment of lipin1-mediated rhabdomyolysis, on patients’ myoblasts and murine model INSERM UMR_S1151 DE LONLAY Pascale
Cellular and molecular function of MKRN3 in the GnRH neuronal network maturation U1141 DE ROUX Nicolas
Drug repurposing via gene network analysis of transcriptomic effects UMR1141 INSERM DELAHAYE-DURIEZ Andrée
Rho GTPases in rare cutaneous diseases Institut Cochin DELON Jérôme
Soluble VEGF-A receptors as biomarkers of the tumor microenvironment in Renal Cell Carcinoma INSERM UMR970 HELLEY Dominique
Exploring new mechanisms of tumor inhibition by the NF2 tumor suppressor and implications for future therapies U1016 Inserm LALLEMAND Dominique

Spécialité : Département IM

Sujet de thèse Equipe Directeur de thèse
Molecular characterization of the mechanism of ADP-heptose sensing in bacterial infections Institut Cochin U1016 ARRIEUMERLOU Cécile
Role of autophagy processes in HIV-1 countermeasures against viral restrictions Institut Cochin U1016 BERLIOZ-TORRENT Clarisse
Impact of Zika virus (ZIKV) infection on microglia and microglia/neuron crosstalk in the context of ZIKV-resistant and susceptible mice Inserm UMR1016 BONNEFOY Eliette
Protection mechanisms of brain endothelial cells from infection by Neisseria meningitidis INSTITUT COCHIN BOURDOULOUS Sandrine
Characterization in leptospires of particles analogous to contractile phage tails, study of their roles in evolution and adaptation Biologie des Spirochètes Institut Pasteur BOURHY Pascale
Investigating the key factors responsible for the outstanding evolutionary success of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the etiological agent of human tuberculosis Unité de Pathogénomique Mycobactérienne Intégrée, Institut Pasteur BROSCH Roland
Mechanisms of HIV-1 infected cells susceptibility to fc effector functions Virus et Immunité - Institut Pasteur CASARTELLI Nicoletta
Crossing mechanisms of intestinal barrier by emerging viruses Unité EPVO Institut Pasteur CECCALDI Pierre-Emmanuel
Mapping the Neisseria meningitidis piliation machinery interactome by mass spectrometry USR 2000 Institut Pasteur CHAMOT-ROOKE Julia
Molecular mechanisms of cell-to-cell dissemination of Francisella tularensis: key role of metabolism INSERM U1151-CNRS UMR 8253 CHARBIT Alain
Reticulocyte invasion pathways used by Plasmodium vivax Unité de Bioloigie de Plasmodium et Vaccins Institut Pasteur CHITNIS Chetan
Chikungunya virus replication in developing and regenerating skeletal muscles Biologie des infections, Institut Pasteur COUDERC Thérèse
Molecular mechanisms of Staphylococcus aureus adaptation in patients with cystic fibrosis U1151 COUREUIL Mathieu
Mechanisms involved in persistence and transmission of Listeria monocytogenes Biologie des Infections. Institut Pasteur/Inserm U1117 DISSON Olivier
Role(s) of Pil3 pilus in the gut colonization and during translocation across the intestinal barrier by Streptococcus gallolyticus Biologie des Pathogènes à Gram-positif Institut Pasteur DRAMSI Shaynoor
Influence of environmental and metabolic stress on iron/sulfur clusters biogenesis Unité Adaptation au Stress et Métabolisme chez les enterobactéries Institut Pasteur DUBRAC Sarah
Studying Clostridium difficile biofilm biology and its role in relaspe of infection Laboratoire Pathogenèse des Bactéries Anaérobies Institut Pasteur DUPUY Bruno
Clinical and bacterial determinants of Yersinia pestis bacteremia Unité de Recherche Yersinia, Institut Pasteur DUSSURGET Olivier
Study of transcription termination mechanisms in the control of HIV-1 latency Institut Cochin/Interactions hôte virus EMILIANI Stéphane
Identification of the main host pathways that determine the distinct intracellular niches of Salmonella within human epithelial cells Dynamique des interactions hôte pathogène Institut Pasteur ENNINGA Jost
Antiviral activity of interferon-alpha subtypes on HIV Cell death in host-pathogen interactions ESTAQUIER Jérôme
New mechanisms of post-transcriptional control by small RNAs in bacteria UMR 8261 CNRS GUILLIER Maude
Study of extracellular vesicle RNAs in Cryptococcus Biologie et Pathogénicité Fongiques Institut Pasteur JANBON Guilhem
Understanding virus-entry at high-resolution by cryo-correlated light- and electron microscopy Unite de technologie et de service bio-imagerie ultra-structurale / Institut Pasteur KRIJNSE LOCKER Jacomina
Allosteric regulation of Bordetella pertussis adenylate cyclase by calmodulin Biochimie des Interactions Macromoléculaires (BIM) / Institut Pasteur LADANT Daniel
Characterization of a novel compound acting as an inhibitor of a broad spectrum of bacterial toxins acting intracellularly Unité des Toxines Bactériennes / Institut Pasteur LEMICHEZ Emmanuel
HUSH restriction antagonism by viral proteins Institut Cochin MARGOTTIN-GOGUET Florence
Induction of the persistance by sublethal concentrations of antibiotics Institut Cochin MATIC Ivan
NK cell diversity in non-pathogenic SIV infection Unite HIV, Inflammation et Persistance / Institut Pasteur MULLER-TRUTWIN Michaela
The use of defective interfering particles (DI) as antiviral treatment against Flaviviroses Institut Pasteur PARDIGON Nathalie
Deciphering the mechanism of spirochetal motilty Biologie des Spirochètes / Institut Pasteur PICARDEAU Mathieu
Analysis of the epigenetic subversion and gene expression regulation of macrophages infected with the human pathogen Leishmania Parasitologie moléculaire et Signalisation / Institut Pasteur PRINA Eric
Molecular mechanisms of action of the ABC-F proteins on the ribosomal peptidyl transferase center and physiological function: antibiotic resistance and regulation UMR8261 / IBPC PUTZER Harald
Mechanisms of Leishmania casein kinase 1 isoform 2 excretion in the host cell Unité PARSIG, Institut Pasteur RACHIDI Najma
Roles of RNAs in the bacterial nucleoidthe structure CIRB, UMR 7241 RIMSKY Sylvie
Genetic control and mechanisms of host response to Influenza vaccine Institut Pasteur SAKUNTABHAI Anavaj
Effect of the physical forces on pathogen infection of the intestine Unité de Pathogénie Microbienne Moléculaire / Institut Pasteur SAUVONNET Nathalie
In vitro gut model: impact of treatment on gut microbiota and precision medecine Inserm U1137 TENAILLON Olivier
Role of connexin-dependent signaling during pneumococcal meningitis CIRB-Inserm U1050-CNRS UMR 7241 TRAN VAN NHIEU Guy
Identification of targets that drastically reduce therapeutic escape of influenza virus Institut Pasteur UMR 3569 CNRS VAN DER WERF Sylvie & VANET Anne

Spécialité : Département IMMUNO

Sujet de thèse Equipe Directeur de thèse
Characterization and preclinical development of regulatory B lymphocytes induced by treatment with tolerogenic nanoparticles in rodent models of type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis Unité INSERM 1151 BERTOCCI Barbara & VAN ENDERT Peter
Defining the mechanisms of action of biologic therapies in a chronic inflammatory disease Immunoregulation Unit BIANCHI Elisabetta
Use of IL-7 as a mucosal vaccine adjuvant against airborne pathogens Institut Cochin Inserm U1016 BOURGAULT-VILLADA Isabelle
Decoding and manipulating CAR T cell activity in vivo Unité des Dynamiques des Réponses Immunes Institut Pasteur BOUSSO Philippe
Identification of genetic defects affecting phagocytic cells INSERM U1163 CASANOVA Jean-Laurent
Investigating UNC45A dependent epithelial polarization in MVID-like disease Inserm U1163 CERF-BENSUSSAN Nadine
Analysis of the immune response induced, in rhesus macaques, by a recombinant vaccine strain against yellow fever Institut Cochin Inserm U1016 CHEYNIER Remi
LECT2, a key immunomodulator of the NAFL / NASH / hepatocellular carcinoma sequence CRC UMRS INSERM 1138 COUTY Jean-Pierre
Role of adipose tissue in Mycobacterium tuberculosis persistence INSERM U1221 DEMANGEL Caroline
Generating safer and more efficient CAR T cells through manipulation of the tumour microenvironment Institut Cochin, INSERM U1016 DONNADIEU Emmanuel
Activation of the phagocyte NADPH oxidase NOX2 : Investigation of p47phox phosphorylation by anti-phosphosite antibodies INSERM-U1149, CRI EL BENNA Jamel
Analysis of the impact of diet and of bacterial competitions on the adaptation of the segmented filamentous bacterium in the intestine INSERM U1163 GABORIAU-ROUTHIAU Valérie
Use of silver nanoparticles as a new adjuvant in mucosal vaccines to protect against lung infections U1152 GARCIA-VERDUGO Ignacio
Contribution of ILC to steatohepatitis Unité Lymphopoïèse Institut Pasteur GOLUB Rachel
A CRISPR/Cas9 screen to identify molecular pathways controlling the activation of anti-tumor CD8+ T cells by type 1 dendritic cells INSERM1149 GUERMONPREZ Pierre
Molecular mechanisms of PD-1 dependent T cell suppression: effects on signal transduction and immune synapse formation INSERM U932 HIVROZ Claire
Identification and characterization of new genetic etiology of Mendelian susceptibility to mycobacterial disease in Human INSERM U1163 JOUANGUY Emmanuelle
Effect of HIV viral proteins on the modulation of the immunometabolism of CD4 T lymphocytes during Aids Unité INSERM U1124 LAFORGE Mireille
Role of gut microbiota and MAIT cell crosstalk in type 1 diabetes Institut Cochin LEHUEN Agnès
Innate-like T cells and asthma : a translational study INEM LEITE-DE-MORAES Maria
NFAT genetic defects in pediatric poly autoimmune syndromes U1163 MAGERUS-CHATINET Aude
The antigenic visibility of β cells as a driver of type 1 diabetes: Insights from the HLA peptidome INSERM U1016 Institut Cochin MALLONE Roberto
Potentiation of antitumor activity of CAR-T cells in a context of solid tumors Institut Cochin-U1016-UMR8104 MANGENEY Marianne
Role of the chaperone protein UNC93B1 in endoplasmic reticulum stress and its impact in antigen presentation U1151-CNRS UMR 8253 MANOURY Bénédicte
Iron metabolism and differentiation of naive peripheral CD4+ T cells Institut Cochin, INSERM U1016, CNRS 8104 MARTIN Bruno
Molecular bases of severe allergic diseases U1163, Institut Imagine MENASCHE Gaël
Role of dendritic cells in antigen transport, transfer and B-cell activation INSERM U1016 OUAAZ Fatah
Role of lymph node stromal niches in immune responses Unité Stroma, Inflammation and Tissue Repair Institut Pasteur PEDUTO Lucie
Functional characterization of an epigenetic factor candidate, RINF (alias CXXC5), in immune cells Institut Cochin, INSERM U1016 PENDINO Frederic
Contribution of bactericidal properties of iNOS in tumor escape in a metastatic melanoma mouse model? Institut Cochin, INSERM U1016 PREVOST-BLONDEL Armelle
Influenza virus-mediated subversion of host antimicrobial molecules : Role in lung bacterial superinfections INSERM U1152 SALLENAVE Jean-Michel
Innovative strategies for the identification and characterization of endocytic platforms involved in T cell function U1149 SAVEANU Loredana
DNA methylation, B cell differentiation and humoral immune responses INEM INSERM U1151 STORCK Sébastien
Role of CXCL12/HS interactions in the germinal center reaction U 1223 INSERM VIEIRA Paulo
Defining the threshold of STAT3 activity underlying the dominant and recessive forms of Job’s syndrome INSERM U1163 BOISSON Bertrand
Genetic determinism of superficial and invasive fungal diseases in otherwise healthy individuals INSERM U1163 PUEL Anne
Foxo1 in T-cell functions and aging Institut Cochin, INSERM U1016, CNRS UMR8104 LUCAS Bruno

Spécialité : Département DGNRV

Sujet de thèse Equipe Directeur de thèse
The segmentation oscillator of annelids Institut Jacques Monod UMR7592 BALAVOINE Guillaume
Flexibility of Cognitive Plasticity in Autism Spectrum Disorders INSERM U1266 Team Adaptive Decision-making BANERJEE Abhishek
Role of ADAM20 in gamete adhesion/fusion INSERM U1016 BARBAUX Sandrine
Early functions of MECP2 in cortical development IPNP U1266 BILLUART Pierre
Molecular mechanisms involved in motor development during embryogenesis: guiding factors, Rho GTPases and Trio GEF INSERM U1016 BLOCH-GALLEGO Evelyne
Genetic and phenotypic stratification of autism Institut Pasteur Génétique Humaine et Fonctions Cognitives BOURGERON Thomas
Genetic and pathological mechanisms involved in cerebellar developmental defects INSERM 1163 CANTAGREL Vincent
Study of the contribution of the chemical-physical environment to the patterning of the mouse embryo in an in vitro model of development UMR7592 COLLIGNON Jérôme
Role of neural crest derivatives in a murine model of scoliosis UMR1163 COLNOT Céline
Reprogramming of the energetic metabolism of microglia by mitochondrial proteins Bax and Bak. Application in models of neuroinflammatory pathology Inserm U1141 DOURNAUD Pascal
Molecular and cellular mechanism of autophagic secretion in developing neurons IPNP - U1266 GALLI Thierry
Posterior regeneration in the annelid Platynereis dumerilli: Origin and fate of regenerating cells IJM - UMR 7592 GAZAVE Eve
Sex-specific differences in microglia inflammatory response during development UMR1141 INSERM GRESSENS Pierre
Structure/function analysis of the Mud protein in nucleus migration in Drosophila oocyte UMR 7592 GUICHET Antoine
Assessment of the therapeutic potential of gene-corrected bone marrow-mesenchymal stromal cells and mesenchymal stromal cells-derived extracellular vesicles in murine models for recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa INSERM UMR1163 HOVNANIAN Alain & TITEUX Matthias
PIF (preImplantation factor) evaluation as a prenatal treatment in a Down syndrome mouse model BFA UMR 8251 JANEL Nathalie
Mechanisms of Nuclear Pore Complex-driven chromatin organisation UMR 7592 Inst Jacques Monod KARESS Roger & BOUMENDIL-LEMAITRE Charlène
What are the pathomechanisms underlying “SMAD4pathies”? U1148 team2 LE GOFF Carine
Inter-individual biomarkers for psychosis onset at adolescence: focus on Wnt signalling IPNP U1266 LE PEN Gwenaëlle & MARZO Aude
Understanding FGF signaling to treat spinal defects U1163 LEGEAI-MALLET Laurence
Characterization of a new meiotic factor, MEIOD UMR E008 CEA LIVERA Gabriel
Evolution of X-chromosome inactivation and regulatory noncoding RNAs in primates UMR7216 MOREY Céline
Control of neuronal size, plasticity and excitability in genetic models of mTORopathy Inserm U1151 PENDE Mario
Control of Reelin levels in interneurons and its role on cortical development and adult behavior INSERM U1266 PIERANI Alessandra
Iron homeostasis in Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation (NBIA) INSERM U1163 ROTIG Agnes
Mechanisms of action of endocrine disruptors on germ cell differentiation fetuses in mice and humans UMR E-008 CEA ROUILLER-FABRE Virginie
Molecular and pathophysiological bases of rare hereditary congenital microcoria, a disease model to understand iris development and common glaucoma INSERM UMR1163 ROZET Jean-Michel
Sedentary behaviours and cardiometabolic risk in an ageing population U1153 Inserm SABIA Séverine
Pathological consequences of the overactivation of PDK1 kinase in prion and Alzheimer’s diseases INSERM UMR-S1124 SCHNEIDER Benoit
Characterization of functional limitations and of participation restrictions in social life followed by stroke Unité U1153 SCHNITZLER Alexis
Targeting proximal tubular uptake for renal protection INSERM UMR1163 SIMONS Matias
Role of ghrelin-derived peptides in the regulation of the reward system and energy homeostasis in conditions of chronic food restriction UMR-S 1266 INSERM TOLLE Virginie
Genetics and Pathophysiology of human asthenozoospermia INSERM U1016 TOURE Aminata
FOXL2 and its partners in normal and pathological ovarian function IJM - UMR 7592 VEITIA Reiner & TODESCHINI Laure
Initiation and control of regeneration in the annelid Platynereis dumerilli Institut Jacques Monod VERVOORT Michel
Fine tuning of brain circuitry during rodent development in interaction with the serotonergic system: outcome in autistic-like syndrome UMR1141-Inserm/ VITALIS Tania
The inhibition of heat shock protein as a treatment for central congenital hypoventilation syndrom. Validation and determination of the neuronal mechanisms. UMR Inserm 1141 DAUGER Stéphane